My fitness goals (Aug 2018)

July was going to be a big month—a BIG month!! But then I got sick 😵 All my plans took a nosedive. I’m still dealing with the lingering effects of this cold, but after a decent week of football and gym, I’m ready to get back on track.

From April–June, I rekindled my relationship with the gym. I set broad and ambitious yet non-specific goals, knowing I wouldn’t necessarily hit them, but that they would motivate me to establish good fitness habits.

My upper body strength has come a long way from what it used to be, but I’m not quite confident in it yet. So in August, I’m looking at my functional fitness, particularly in my upper body and my knee.

Chin-ups x 10

Set of 10.

Right now, I can do 2 clean, or 3 with struggle. Before I got sick, I was doing 3 clean, so I’m thinking if it can fall away that fast, it can come back fast enough.

Each gym visit, I’m having a crack, and supplementing with weight training on bicep night.

Pull-ups x 1

I just want one.

Just one to break the seal. The first one is naturally the hardest because this is still a foreign movement to my body. But if I can hit it once, the rest is just rinse-and-repeat.

Right now, I can do halfway up. I’m aiming for halfway holds and reverse halfway holds each gym visit, along with some weight training, scapular pull-ups and other lat activation exercises.

Knee care

Strengthening + management.

My left knee isn’t tracking properly. My physio reckons it’s due to tightness in my iliotibial band (ITB) and a weakness in my vastus medialis — together, those muscles stabilise the kneecap. The pain is more prevalent in winter, though heat patches seem to help a lot.

I must make a point of doing more foam roller, knee extension, and squat work, particularly through cold weather.

Martial arts: research project

Initial outline.

I had a long conversation today with our school’s chief instructor about how I should/can approach my training now that I’m no longer a beginner. Among the personal physical and mental challenges at this level, there’s an area of martial arts that I’m especially interested in.

This month, I’d like to make a start on planning my research. My instructors have greenlit this project, and I expect I’ll learn a lot from it.


Who am I? Why am I doing this?

Hey there!

My name is Sandy. I’m a late-30’s so-and-so from Perth, Western Australia. Since my mid-twenties, I’ve done some kind of sport/fitness thing. But before then? Very little.

I was a sedentary computer nerd from a not-sporty family. I mean, sometimes I’d ride my bike a bit, pretend to shoot hoops and walk around the ‘burb with friends, but really not enough activity to count for much. My ideal weekends were spent between bed 🛌 computer chair 🎮 and pantry 🍪

Now I live a pretty active lifestyle involving calisthenics, yoga, gym, martial arts, indoor soccer and other physical things. It balances out the hazards of writing for a living.

Earlier this year, I started sharing my pursuits on Instagram (@sandysweats). I found it made me more interested in, committed to, and aware of the role exercise plays in a happy, healthy life.

Wow, that sounds so wanky 🤓

This isn’t even really about exercise. It’s about enjoying my body while I still have it. Life is short. Science isn’t advanced enough yet to keep us functioning forever. So we need to make the most of what we’ve got.

I’m not a ninja, not a black belt, not a yogi. I’m not super fit, not hyper-flexible, and definitely not a badass. But I don’t let that stop me (at least not all the time). I just try my best and do what I can.

Welcome to my blog. Learn with me. Let’s get better together 🙌