Who am I? Why am I doing this?

Hey there!

My name is Sandy. I’m a late-30’s so-and-so from Perth, Western Australia. Since my mid-twenties, I’ve done some kind of sport/fitness thing. But before then? Very little.

I was a sedentary computer nerd from a not-sporty family. I mean, sometimes I’d ride my bike a bit, pretend to shoot hoops and walk around the ‘burb with friends, but really not enough activity to count for much. My ideal weekends were spent between bed 🛌 computer chair 🎮 and pantry 🍪

Now I live a pretty active lifestyle involving calisthenics, yoga, gym, martial arts, indoor soccer and other physical things. It balances out the hazards of writing for a living.

Earlier this year, I started sharing my pursuits on Instagram (@sandysweats). I found it made me more interested in, committed to, and aware of the role exercise plays in a happy, healthy life.

Wow, that sounds so wanky 🤓

This isn’t even really about exercise. It’s about enjoying my body while I still have it. Life is short. Science isn’t advanced enough yet to keep us functioning forever. So we need to make the most of what we’ve got.

I’m not a ninja, not a black belt, not a yogi. I’m not super fit, not hyper-flexible, and definitely not a badass. But I don’t let that stop me (at least not all the time). I just try my best and do what I can.

Welcome to my blog. Learn with me. Let’s get better together 🙌

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